Thursday, May 11, 2023 8:30am to 4:30pm

Bergen County Law and Public Safety Institute, Hall of Heroes


The Bergen County Data Exchange (BC DEx) Project is a platform that creates a data-sharing network amongst all CAD/RMS data, ALPR data, and disparate systems in Bergen County. 

The project consists of connecting Bergen County's municipal and county law enforcement agencies, regardless of each agency's respective vendor, for the purpose of information sharing to a single-user platform.  Connectivity is accomplished by developing and utilizing a standards-based approach.  Tetrus Corp is working with each CAD/RMS vendor in the county to develop a vendor-neutral platform that leverages the county's existing CAD/RMS systems.   

The BC DEx project is based on the Federal Bureau of Investigation's N-DEx and the State of New Jersey's NJ-DEx projects.  The information contained in this system is indexed from various data silos allowing it to be data mined by law enforcement to assist with investigations, such as records searching, subject identification information, and commonalities amongst crimes and case types.    Crime hot-spotting/heat mapping, trend analysis, suspicious activity incidents, and criminal pattern identification can be leveraged by utilizing this raw data.  Additionally, the combined data can be transformed into regional statistics on a wide array of potential criminal activity allowing law enforcement to focus its resources where needed.

This software platform will address the law enforcement and public safety requirement to share and exchange information critical to the mission of law enforcement, criminal investigation, criminal prosecution, and public safety.