2 Days: April 23 - 24, 2020

Time: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Attire: Uniform

Class Limit: None

Each student will be given a manual and a CD that will have information on the course content, including proper drill procedures, resource materials, protocol for funeral procedures, as well as general Honor Guard procedures consisting of the following:

  • Indoor and outdoor classroom training
  • Marching and drilling with flags and rifles
  • Flag posting and retiring
  • Colors presentation
  • Casket carrying and flag folding
  • Funeral home protocol, pallbearers, casket guards, flag display
  • Proper formations at funeral home, church, and cemetery
  • Rifle firing detail
  • Ceremonial guard duties
  • Special attention will be given to designated Honor Guard Commanders
  • Protocol with the sword
  • Playing of Taps, recorded and live
  • Proper uniforms, flags, gloves and additional accessories
  • Class B Uniform Thursday & Friday morning
  • Full Ceremonial Dress - Friday, 12:15 Graduation

Equipment:  Rifles, flags, any & all honor guard equipment that you have

Certificates will be issued upon full completion of this course and a full ceremonial graduation will take place on the last day.

INSTRUCTORS: Captain Robert Kneer, Fair Lawn Police Department (Ret.) and other Honor
Guard Commanders from throughout the state


PROGRAM COST:     BERGEN COUNTY $0.00             OUT-OF-COUNTY $100.00 Per Department

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