When:  October 10 and 11 , 2019

Time:    9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Attire:  Uniform/ Professional attire


This two-day course is designed to provide police officers and detectives with a general understanding of financial systems and current trends in financial crimes. This class is tailored to

investigators at the municipal level to provide guidance on investigating financial schemes that impact the local community. Topics to be covered include sources of financial information,

financial records analysis, money laundering, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, securities fraud, document fraud, work at home fraud, cryptocurrency, government scams, and Consumer

Affairs issues. The following topics will be addressed:


Basic understanding of the U.S. Financial System

Discover the resources available to the local investigator

Dealing with the common schemes & scams that are reported to your agency

Criminal or Civil? Screening your complaints to better assist your citizens

Review of the common New Jersey criminal statutes relating to financial crimes

Basic Financial Crimes Course Details

 PROGRAM COST:     BERGEN COUNTY $0.00             OUT-OF-COUNTY $70.00

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