TITLE:  Patrol Officer Tactical Response (POTR) Active Shooter/De-escalation Train the Trainer

WHERE:  SWAT Headquarters-327 E. Ridgewood Ave, Paramus, NJ

WHEN:  February 1-4, 2021

TIME:  9am-5pm

Class Limit:  24 (It is mandatory that each department send 2 officers to this training)

This train-the-trainer course satisfies the instructor mandates of Bergen County Prosecutor Directives 2017-01 and 2020-11 and will certify officers as municipal-level Active Shooter and De-Escalation Instructors. During this course of instruction (COI), officers will be taught the fundamentals of active shooter response, as well as proper, safe and effective de-escalation techniques. More importantly, through intense instruction, training materials and guidance, officers will learn how to conduct their departmental Active Shooter and De-Escalation training. The COI uses a combination of PowerPoints, classroom instruction, videos and scenario-based practical exercises. When possible, it is recommended that departments register current municipal active shooter instructors. Registration priority will be for 2 officers per department until the minimum 2 officer mandate is met. 

Please bring your simunitions guns and normal patrol equipment.  There is no cost for this training. 

Topics Include:

•             Basic Room Entries

•             Establishing SOP's

•             Threat Progression

•             2 and 4 Man Tactics Class

•             2 and 4 Man Tactics Training Search Mode

•             2 and 4 Man Tactics Training Contact Mode

•             De-Escalation techniques to be utilized in conjunction with above tactics 

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