Title:            Radar Instructor Certification

Time:           9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Attire:          Uniform / Professional

Class Size:  Up to 30 Attendees

Cost:            Bergen County Personnel – No Charge

                    Out-of-County Personnel - $105

Prerequisites:  Must be a current certified RADAR Operator with two (2) years of experience as a RADAR Operator.  MOI is not required for this training.

This three-day course will prepare the student for RADAR instructor certification by the New Jersey Police Training Commission. Topics covered include:

  • Speed Offenses and Speed Enforcement
  • Basic Principles of RADAR Speed Management
  • Legal Considerations affecting Training and Operation
  • Preparation for Court Room Testimony
  • Requirements for Duty Operation
  • Operation of Specific RADAR Devices
  • Managing Instruction and Records Keeping



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