Course Title:  ASP Instructor Training

Date:  May 17-19, 2022

Time:  0800-1700 hours

Location:  Bergen County Law and Public Safety Institute

Cost:  $100 deposit that will be refunded after course completion

The internationally respected and sought-after ASP Instructor Certification (AIC) course is a high intensity three-day program. The program teaches the integrated use of the three most commonly used duty belt tools: baton, restraints, and tactical flashlight. AIC students participate in a demanding progression of classroom and fast-paced physical training. The training covers both the principle and practice of different baton strikes, restraint application, and tactical flashlight use. This intense course includes multi-use drills, general tactics, and expert support in the event of litigation. You do not have to be a current user of ASP products to attend.  Please see course flyers for details, requirements and registration information.




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